Monday, November 15, 2010

Tainos: Honoring the Deserving

Given our history, and the myriad of crimes and atrocities committed against the original population of Puerto Rico (Tainos), it is surprising to see how much importance is given to the remembrance of the criminals who brought forth such mayhem, horror, and death, to such noble creatures whose only crime was to live in the coveted new world. This part of our history should be aborrhed by all, and, while it should remain as a matter of study and discussion within our education system; honor should be conferred solely to the victims, and not the perpetrators of these haineous acts.

We should see more plazas, streets and avenues, named after, and in remembrance of our fallen Taino's, and less in honor and worship of Colombus, Ponce DeLeon and all the other ruffians and mass murderers, revered and hailed today as heroes and visionaries, rather than for the monsters they truly were.

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